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The Sales Manager Case
(Using Microsoft Power Bi or Google Data Studio)

The Scenario

  1. You are the Sales Manager of a cosmetics company which sells products through various sales channels.
  2. You get the sales data from the retailers in different files.
  3. Ideally you need to incorporate those in a single data model, in order to analyze together.
  4. In order to do this, you create Microsoft Excel files, for which extensive manipulation and data entry is required.
  5. After you create these files and in order to analyze the data, you use functions and perform calculations, which require extensive manipulation and data entry.
  6. You then need to create all necessary charts, which you can present to the stakeholders.
  7. Those excel files need to be updated regularly. This means extensive manipulation and data entry all over again.

What are the key issues you are facing?

  1. You need to be able to segment your data anyway you like. For this you need extensive filtering capabilities.
  2. You also need to be able to develop explanatory dashboards with charts, graphs and data tables.
  3. These require extensive file manipulation and significant data entry to setup.
  4. Extensive data entry means a lot of time needed to generate a new report or update an existing dashboard.
  5. Extensive data entry, also means that there is room for errors, from simple typing errors to serious miscalculations.
  6. If you decide to add a new source of data (let's say an extra level of analysis), you need to design your files all over again.
  7. All the above apart from being time consuming, they certainly jeopardise data integrity, which is the key element for sales data reporting.
  8. Excel files when you add lots of data, might become bulky and unresponsive. We love Excel, but this is not the tool for the job.
  9. Excel sheets can hold up to 1.000.000 records if you use Excel 2016. This means that at some point, datasheets will be full.

How can ReportGuru make your life easier

  1. ReportGuru facilitates adding data from different sources in a simple way. Different Data Sources are then incorporated in a single data model.
  2. ReportGuru manipulates your data files automatically, so you dont need to do this everytime you add new data.
  3. ReportGuru will host and maintain all necessary reports and dashboards for your data analysis, from the developed data model.
  4. All charts, graphs, data tables, filters, pivot tables etc will be developed once and keep working as you add more data, over and over again.
  5. ReportGuru also supports addition of new data sources after the data model has been developed. No need to start the whole process from the beginning. Just add the new data.
  6. ReportGuru can store and manipulate millions of records without increasing loading time or becoming unresponsive.
  7. Finally ReportGuru can backup all these data, so you dont have to worry about losing your work.

You can check the Microsoft Power Bi demo for the Sales Manager Case here.
You can check the Google Data Studio demo for the Sales Manager Case here.

Please Note:
Preparation of dashboards and reports in the ReportGuru platform, requires some development time.
ReportGuruwill provide all necessary connectivity together with the requested dashboards and reports.